AMY V: Resurrection

Would anything be the same again?

It's been only a few months since the violence Amy caused at the University campus. Her wrath of evil leaving bodies in the wake. Her half-sister Riley Walker had stopped her, but at what cost? She had lost nearly everyone close to her. And did she really believe Amy was dead and gone? Riley plans to find the man that keeps bringing her back, Thomas Raines. And when she finds him, she'll find Amy. And when she finds Amy... all bets are off.

Amy crushes, kills, stabs, maims and murders her way out of captivity once again and unleashes her brand of evil onto those between her and her sister. Only this time, Riley crossed a line, Riley betrayed her and now Riley is as expendable as everyone else in Amy's lust for blood.

This time Riley will play with Amy. In a game, she intends to win.

The gory, frenetic conclusion to the pentalogy called, "... one f$%ked up series." Evil doesn't die. Amy rises again.

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The Retreat

“It’s only a dream. It’s not real.”

But is that true? Mentors Rob and Damien aren’t so sure anymore. When they take six aspiring writers to Veritas Mountain for a writer’s retreat, their foundations of reality are shaken. After all, it’s not their fault the visitors have such creative dreams… or is it? Veritas Mountain has a secret, it’s a place where imagination becomes reality, but what happens when you imagine horrors as a profession?

In this book, a place of dreams meets characters of nightmare. Art and real-life clash together in a blood-soaked tale of D.G.R.’s Vancity Vampires’ Eldon and RW Duder’s infamous six-year-old killer, Amy Walker. Can the authors and guests survive the manifestations of their own minds? A cross-over event by RW Duder not to be missed.

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