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One of the greatest films ever made period

Se7en defines a cult classic. It is a film that was created intrinsically to haunt you for years after you've seen it. I've seen it a handful of times and in watching it again just now I realized how brilliantly it was built. It might be one of the finest handcrafted films ever made. It was like each and every shot and moment and scene was made to let you see something different each and every time or unpack the film for years to come. If you look at fan theories and things you think is true that have nothing to do with the actual film you'll understand how deep the movie goes. It is definitely a cinephile's dream in that you can find so much about the film to explore. But even at a base level, the tension is unbelievable. With each character and moment you can't help but feel like the next moment will be someone's last. The dark, brooding city they create (unnamed and always raining) is haunting. The film holds this true film noire feel and the style of the characters and the office is something from a 1940's Detective film and yet the film clearly is modern times. Each time I watch it I want to know more about the world they exist in and yet we never will but watching each time gives you something new.

Both Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman should have been given Oscars. It might be one of the best Detective teamings in film history. Freeman is the epitome of world weary, ready to retire but haunted by the past cop. Brad Pitt is the idealistic young Detective with the beautiful family just building his life and world and sinking his passion into his work. Both men believe they understand the person they're chasing and yet both underestimate the killer greatly. You're watching this mystery unfold through both men's eyes in different ways and then in the end they both end up on the receiving end of a wicked sense of justice. The killer (I literally refuse to say who it is in case someone hasn't seen this nor knows the twists) is brilliantly played by a well known Hollywood actor. He also should have been given an Oscar. They keep his name from the opening credits and it makes it all the more impactful when he is revealed. He is hands down one of the best "villains" or killers in Hollywood history in my opinion. The final scene with the three of them in the field is easily a classic moment. Gwyneth Paltrow has a small but impactful and well played role as Pitt's young wife. Her and Freeman forge an unlikely friendship that works very well. 

I never liked Fight's true...judge me. BUT David Fincher is still an American Hollywood icon. Some of his other films just literally hit 10's for me easily, probably more than any other director other than maybe Spielberg. But Fincher's style is dark and cuts right through to our very core of what makes us human. Call it horror or noire or thriller but somehow he gets these scripts and creates twists and turns you can barely handle and then gets actors to absolutely knock it out of the park. Gone Girl, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Se7en, The Game, The Social Network, these are films that are stylistic and character driven and in every case puts you in the middle of the action and makes you feel everything. Se7en is the definitely of a modern day classic and if you love crime films this will be your mother ship calling you home. This will forever by one of my favourite films for a myriad of reasons and I think anyone could sit around and talk about it for years to come. 10/10

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