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RW Duder

Get Desolation and Isolation completely free + bonus The Harrowing

Get Desolation and Isolation completely free + bonus The Harrowing

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Three books from RW Duder for one low price. Desolation, the sequel Isolation and as a bonus we will include 2018's The Harrowing as well.

In Desolation:
A group of strangers find themselves stranded at a highway rest stop in the worst winter storm any of them have ever seen. Travellers are missing, there may be a serial killer amongst them and now something supernatural is stalking them relentlessly. Before this night is over, this group of people will realize there may be nothing random about their chance encounter and this spirit stalking them will stop at nothing until it has gotten what it has come for. The answers behind this night will be more horrifying than any of them could have ever imagined.

In Isolation:

A writer and a priest are determined to understand the nature of the supernatural disaster at Big Mike's Rest Stop. The trail leads them to a small town in Northern New Jersey where they are faced with a disturbing force, a cult leader and the townspeople trying to survive. The children are gone, the town is silent and the same deadly force that destroyed Big Mike's Rest Stop has now fallen on the town of Wolf's Head, New Jersey. The blood-fuelled vengeance of Riko Nanami will stop at nothing to tear apart the town that wronged her and she will not be consoled by anything. In Desolation, amidst the worst winter storm any of them had seen, Riko was trapped. But now in Isolation, she is free and exercising her revenge. The highly anticipated sequel to Desolation is a pulse pounding adventure and mystery into the paranormal.

In The Harrowing:

Billionaire Jackson Dawes retires from the corporate world shocking everyone. His passion for treasure hunting has just uncovered something he intends on focusing on. A team of experts uncover a map which in turn reveals a location that plainly states is the entrance to Hell. Dawes recruits a diverse group of researchers and workers to help him find the entrance and descend into the very bowels of Hades. Most don't believe him, some hope he doesn't find it, but what the group discovers is that Hell on earth is beyond any horrors anyone could ever dream about. The Harrowing into Hell won't be about survival for this group, it'll be about experiencing what entire religions work at avoiding ... an eternity in Hell itself. The Harrowing is a gripping action/adventure full of lore and bold characters. Featuring the returning character of Noah White and a fantasy, paranormal blend that will appease lovers of both genres. Pray for us sinners now and in the hour of our death.

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